Is a holiday on Bonaire island expensive?

Is a holiday on Bonaire island expensive?
Hayti Haakma
March 13, 2024

A holiday on Bonaire island, like its sister islands Curaçao and Aruba, is considered one of the more expensive destinations in the Caribbean. Especially when compared to other islands in Central America such as Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. The cost of living is significantly higher than in the Netherlands. This directly affects the budget needed for a holiday on this beautiful island.

Cost overview for a Holiday on Bonaire island:

  • Flight tickets: Depending on the season, prices can vary. Outside peak periods, you can expect to pay around €450 for a return flight. In the busy holiday season this can go up to €850.
  • Accommodation: The cost of accommodation can vary widely. From €60 to as much as €600 per night, depending on your comfort and luxury requirements.
  • Transport on the island: Options range from hiking to renting a car or scooter. You can rent a car from around €40 to €60 per day, while a scooter costs around €25 per day.
  • Food and drink: Eating out on Bonaire can be quite pricey with prices around €20 to €30 per meal. A local beer will cost you around €4.50. However, prices for groceries are around 40% higher than in the Netherlands.
  • Activities: Although Bonaire is mainly known for its excellent diving and snorkeling sites, there are also other activities such as kite surfing, horse riding, or visiting the National Park. Costs for these vary.

Eco Rentals Bonaire – Your Sustainable Choice

Eco Rentals Bonaire offers a unique experience by combining luxury and sustainability in their range of eco-friendly villas and beach houses. Located at beautiful locations on the island, these accommodations offer direct access to the ocean and are equipped with all the modern conveniences one could wish for. From infinity pools and air-conditioned bedrooms to private beaches and breathtaking ocean views. With prices varying by accommodation, Eco Rentals Bonaire strives to provide an unforgettable and sustainable holiday experience to fit a variety of budgets.

Bonaire may be considered a more expensive holiday destination, but with the right planning and by choosing the value offered by Eco Rentals Bonaire, your holiday can be both luxurious and affordable. Discover the beauty of Bonaire while contributing to a more sustainable world.

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