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kralendijk bonaire beach house

Eco Beach House 4

This is the last Kralendijk Beach House going South, 3 miles from the small airport and has thus 270° free views of which 180° ocean view. Next to dive spot ‘Hilma Hooker’ and ‘The Lake’,
3 steps from the ocean and good access for snorkeling and diving.


bonaire beach house eeg boulevard

Eco Beach House 3

This Eco Beach House sleeps 8 is a stunning hand build villa fully in tropical hard wood with concrete and coral finishing and basement. It is located directly AT the ocean, just a few steps from the deck and 3 major dive spots are there near the EEG Boulevard.


beach house bonaire airport

Eco Beach House 2

This private Beach House is only a few steps from the ocean water. It is located 3 miles south of the airport. Nature with 460 sorts of fish, rays, turtles, dolphins just in your back yard but a few minutes in the car to the capital Kralendijk and Bonaire Airport.